Unit 1: The Reformation in Europe, c1500-1564 – Keywords

In this article we’ll be looking at simple key words to introduce ourselves into the basics of The Papacy and reform. These words will form a very brief basis of the European aspect of 16th Century History AS level and should be learnt.

Reformation – The process of pivotal change within society.

Protestant – A new form of Christianity, in protest against the Catholic Church.

Holy Roman Empire – The seculor head of Christendom

Erasmus – A leading humanist.

Heresy – An opposite opinion to the Catholic view.

Martin Luther – Protestant leader.

Indulgences – Paper signed by the pope to send you to heaven.

Charles V – Holy Roman Emperor in 1519.

John Calvin – Protestant leader.

 Ana baptism – People must be baptized again, even children who’ve already had the process done already.

Ignatius Loyola – A leader of the “society of Jesus”.

Jesuits – A group of religious influential people.

Council of Trent – A group of people who had meetings to create clear definitions of the Catholic doctrine and to reform discipline of the church.

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